Traum the authentic essence of spitting a verse about living life in the grimy streets and how one survives the struggle and how your dreams are now tangible are fluidly spoken by undergrounds hip hop sensation Traum. Bringing back the familiar flavor of hip hop, Traum narrates about his life growing up in the streets of New York to living a flashy lifestyle and fast money. New York, Big City of Dreams, as it’s often called, correlates perfectly with tantalizing lyrics “I have Mad Dreamz of jeeps and Lexus coupes so I’m gonna stay hardcore” from Traum’s lead single, Mad Dreamz. Pushing through the walls of underground hip-hop it’s now time for Traum to shine. You have heard myths about it; you have watched movies about it, now Traum has manifest compelling lyrics of his native home. We all miss the sound of a New York artist just ripping it and their flow is crazy. It’s something about the New York edge, the rawness, and ghetto-fabulous essence of hop hip. With this in mind, “Mad Dreamz It’s Only a Nightmare” the new album from Masta Mix Records is rugged rawness that your ears have been bleeding to hear. The title track single “Mad Dreamz” is one of his favorites. “The title track sets the theme for the rest of the album. Out of nowhere, the lyrics and the track just came so easily. I put it in the streets and everyone loved it. People from all over the world started emailing me!” Receiving a great response and notoriety has come easy; however, the struggle to excel in the hip-hop industry hasn’t always been peaches and cream. “Mad Dreamz It’s Only a Nightmare” eludes the concept of a street cat’s mundane life through melodic dark beats and emphatic club bangers. “There’s a lot of versatility on this album. I don’t just rap about being a gangster or a killer. Mad Dreamz is about all aspects of my life. I’ve been doing my thing for years and I did a lot of dirt to get where I am but, I also had a lot of fun.” Traum definitely has a story to tell. However, unlike most rappers today, his lyrics are not full of fallacies. The saying “real recognize real” is undoubtedly heard throughout the entire album. Encompassed by the streets and knowing the true meaning of an “OG”; Traum has been able to beat the odds of the hood struggle. Born in the “Boogie Down” Bronx, the birthplace of hip hop, and the moving over the bridge, to Far Rockaway Queens at the age of 7, hip hop music was destined to play a major role in Traums’ life. Traum began rapping and making beats about the age of 15 with two of his homeboys from around the way. They formed a group was called 3rd Fam. “I remember when I brought my first sampler. I was about 17 it was called the Akai S2800. I started making beats when I couldn’t get the sound I wanted from my keyboard.” 3rd Fam. had comparable success that lead to them to their first label deal. 3rd Fam was immediately signed to “Orpheus Records” owned by R&B singer Melba Moore.” Due to unforeseen events the record label folded before 3rd Fam could release their debut album. Inevitably, the group 3rd Fam. that was inspired by hip-hop icons Run-DMC, broke up shortly after the label collapsed. Despite the turmoil of his longtime group 3rd Fam. breaking up and unexpected personal deaths, Traum persevered and continued his passion of making great music as a solo artist. “I never wanted to be a solo rapper, explains Traum. I wanted to be the next Run-DMC. I fell in love with hip hop because of them.” In 1997, Traum founded Masta Mix Records and Masta Labs Studio. This time for Traum things would be different. “I know the game, I have the energy and execution and discipline. With my own label, I can focus on putting out good music and show my love for hip hop without waiting for a major label to notice my determination and skills.” And, with that stated, Masta Mix Records has flourished into a life of it’s own. Masta Mix Records has become one of a few only commercially successful Indie Record Labels in the world. Traums first release Natural Born Killas Vol. 1 sold over 1400 units independently with no air play or distribution and Moreover, because of Traum’s underground success, he began to work with the legendary, the late Jam Master Jay. Jam Master Jay served as a mentor to Traum as he began working on his various projects for Masta Mix Records. This was surreal experience for Traum because Run –DMC were his childhood idols. However, tragedy came knocking at Traums’ dreams again. Hit by another upheaval event, Jam Master Jay passed an untimely death. “When Jay was killed it threw my whole shit off balance.” Needless to say, when you’re a soldier, you pick up the pieces and continue to make things happen. Able to rise above the challenges, Traum has won respect for hip-hop fans and peers. He has produced and collaborated with acclaimed artists such as Cormega, Lil Fame of (M.O.P.) and Big NOYD. All will be making guest apperance’s on Mad Dreamz. “Hip hop to me is freedom…” With that stated “Masta Mix Came Across Once More”.